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Design Concept

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  • Five independently moving/controlled rails (Figure 1)
    • They will move across using a timing belt and pulley system
  • Controlled by Five DC (not Servo) motors
  • Five solenoids to depress the keys
    • 3 for white keys
    • 2 for black keys
  • Rapid Play
  • Chord Play


Final Design featured four tracks, motors, and solenoids (two for white keys, two for black).  This change was made because of spacing issues (see Mechanical System).



Figure 1.  Original Sketch of Design.  Only change in final design is one track taken out (top track).



Figure 2. Cartridge and Tracking System Design.



Figure 3.  More detailed view of solenoid design (dimensions changed for final design).



For the white keys, we realized we didn't need the spring if we added a washer to the end, so the solenoid pin/washer was able to rest nicely on top of the white keys without falling through the cracks between the keys (see Mechanical System)


Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch


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